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What if I make the payment and did not receive my product?

This is the most common fear of a customer. But purchasing products online at coolfanstore is safe the reason being we use PayPal as payment gateway system. PayPal is worlds most trusted payment processing gateway. The payment made by you when you purchase product is not sent to us immediately once the order is placed rather, it’s held by the PayPal, its not sent even when the order is dispatched, it will be processed to our account only once the product is delivered to the customer and he/she confirms by signing the acknowledge receipt just after receiving the product. So, go ahead and buy the products without any fear and doubts. 

What process follows when I make the payment and buy a product at Coolfanstore?

When an order is successfully placed at Coolfanstore, your order will be received to us and a receipt of payment will be sent to you via email immediately. As soon as the order is received to us, our dispatch team will get ready to work, your product details will be noted and our dispatch team will go to the warehouse identify your product then pack it professionally and make it ready for the dispatch.

Is my order processed and dispatched the same day?

The orders received to us will be dispatched within 24 hrs from the time the product is ordered at our store. And you will be receiving an email regarding the same (confirming that the order is dispatched for delivery)

Will I be able to track my shipment once the order is dispatched?

Definitely yes. Once the order is dispatched for delivery you will be sent an email notification through which you can track the shipment.

Why the shipment services is only restricted to US citizens?

Cfsinspire has successfully completed all the legal terms related to the shipment of products to USA via ePacket courier services and working on the same with specific courier services to start worldwide shipment. We will be starting worldwide shipment services soon !!!


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